Vermont Underground Locators Van and Mountain

Some of the questions we get most frequently are “What’s the difference between public and private utility locating?” or “What’s the difference between you and Dig Safe?” Well, these can be answered the same way!

Dig Safe locates public utilities, and Vermont Underground Locators locates private utilities. Often, when people call Dig Safe they aren’t aware that they’ll only be locating public utilities – typically power, gas, and electric. What they locate is only from the pole to meter. So if your meter is on the house you are all set, but when the meter is adjacent or even down the road it won’t be marked by Dig Safe. 

This is where we come in as private utility locators to find anything that needs to be found underground; public, private, from pole to meter, and beyond. However, before you dig you must call Dig Safe.

Dig Safe and VTUL frequently work together – you aren’t limited to only calling a public utility locator or a private utility locator. If you ever have questions or even simply want something clarified, we’re always happy to help. Give us a call anytime at (802) 879-6331.