Utility Location Services


We locate all types of conductive buried lines via electromagnetic induction equipment. This includes telephone, coaxial cable, fiber optic cables (when they are jacketed or accompanied by a tracer wire), power, and gas lines. We can also locate most water, sewer, and storm drain lines using various techniques.

Utility Locating Company


Upon request, we can survey the locations and attributes of each of the utilities that we locate and produce quality maps. We can provide maps or other digital survey location data in various formats compatible with AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Google Maps, etc. We have the ability to locate using a variety of GPS and conventional survey methods and have a licensed land surveyor who supervises all mapping services.

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Concrete Scanner

Concrete Scanning

Our GSSI StructureScan Mini XT portable concrete scanner allows our technician to locate rebar, post tensioning cables, and conduits within concrete floors and walls. We’re also able to detect thickness of a concrete slab, and if there are any voids underneath. Data can be depicted in both 2D and 3D imaging in most cases, making it the perfect tool for large and small projects.

Underground Pipe Inspection Service


Our pipe camera inspection service can not only find breaks, incursions, and defects, we can produce video with distance markings, and locate and mark the line above ground complete with indication of damaged sections or pipe location.

Utility Location Services


Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR for short, allows us to find utilities that until recently were determined to be “un-locatable”. PVC pipes, clay tile, underground tanks, and many other structures can now be located with great accuracy depending on certain site conditions. We utilize the industry standard, GSSI Model 623 UtilityScanTM, which helps us do utility detection, UST locating, road inspection, and much more! We also recently added a GSSI MiniXT portable concrete scanner for use in finding rebar, post tensioning rods, and conduits within concrete wall and floor slabs.

Electric Fault Location


If you have an underground electrical fault let VTUL locate the problem area to help get you back in service fast. Our skilled technicians work with licensed electricians to help locate abnormal or broken conditions on underground cables using state of the art equipment.

Utility Location Equipment


We use a Geonics EM61 Mark II, which is a powerful time domain metal detector that is able to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metal using a single transmitter coil and two receiver coil. It generates a magnetic field from the transmitter inducing eddy currents in nearby metal objects. The Geonics EM-61 Mark II detects a single 200-litre (55 gal) drum at a depth of over 3 meters (10 feet) beneath the instrument, yet is relatively insensitive to nearby cultural interference, such as fences, buildings and power lines. Response is a single, sharply defined peak, greatly facilitating quick & accurate location of the target. Depth of the target can usually be estimated from the width of the response.


VTUL can perform vacuum excavation (aka potholing) using a trailer mounted vacuum and pressure washer to safely locate critical utilities in a non-destructive manner. This method of utility locating allows for more precision and can be used to get exact location and depth as well as verify type of utility materials and condition. Contact us for more info.